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F Gases

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When it comes to global warming, the effect of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) such as HFCs, PFCs and SF6 can be greater than Carbon Dioxide. EU Regulations of 2006 mean that many commercial, industrial and public sector organisations have legal obligations with regard to the management and control of F-gases.

Since 2007 operators of stationary air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump equipment have been subject to regulations aimed at reducing F-gases. These regulations cover containment, record-keeping, inspection and testing for leakages, as well as the importance of using properly certified personnel to recover gases.

Problems in this somewhat complex area can be avoided through expert system design, service and maintenance, all of which are part of the Freeair offering. We can also audit your system and arrange inspections to ensure you meet your F-gas obligations. Our engineers are fully trained to work with refrigerants and are able to advise on whatever action is required.

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