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Hard-Working Technology

Great for customers, good for us too

We are big fans of Job Logic

Job Logic is a digital job reporting system that is transforming the way we do business and run contracts of all sizes; and most importantly it’s enabling us to provide an even more responsive service to customers.

Our engineers attend on site and, using their iPad or other tablet, enter the fault, price the job, secure immediate customer sign-off and can often buy and fit the parts the same day.

Customers can log into their private portal on our website at any time to peruse quotes, review PPM schedules, check on progress of jobs and add comments. We’re sure this clever use of technology will never replace good, old-fashioned face to face communication or talking on the phone, but it’s a terrific time-saver. The system can be linked to accounts packages and remote communication with engineers providing a fully integrated business solution. In other words, you’ll receive a more streamlined service, because we have a highly effective project management tool.

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