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The Freeair Story

Lee Robinson starts an HVAC business
Freeair Services Ltd is formed
Present Day
Now an HVAC industry leader

Our journey

MD Lee Robinson has been in the HVAC industry since 1986. He developed his knowledge and honed his skills, culminating in setting up his own business back in 2000. Five successful years later he formed a limited company – Freeair Services Ltd – which has grown from strength to strength under his leadership. Rachel Smith joined the team as Accounts Director in 2011 and two years later Tom Cottrell came on board. Today, Freeair is a serious player in the HVAC world.

What drove us?

Lee’s driving force for his business was his fierce disappointment with the calibre of work provided by much of the sector. He was shocked to witness poorly qualified, unprofessional people charging a lot of money for shoddy workmanship. He believed there was a better way.

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